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Conditions for the use of the Alcoholes Montplet, S.A. website
This website is owned by ALCOHOLES MONTPLET,S.A, whose head offices are at Vía Trajana 53-55, Barcelona 08020. The company has tax identification code (CIF) A08093171 and is included in the Barcelona Company Register on Page 4422, Folio 71, Volume 899 of Book 410 of Section 2. Telephone number: 933136362; fax number: 933132100 and email address:

1. Conditions for use
1.1. This website contains materials prepared by ALCOHOLES MONTPLET, S.A. that have been included for purely informative reasons. ALCOHOLES MONTPLET, S.A. shall accept no responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content of this website and assumes no duties or commitments to verify or oversee the content and information that appears in this website.

2. Limitation of liability
2.1. Anyone who uses this website does so of their own accord and at their own risk. ALCOHOLES MONTPLET, S.A. shall accept no responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content of this website. Likewise, ALCOHOLES MONTPLET, S.A. shall not be held responsible for any damages derived from the use of this website, or any actions performed on the basis of the information provided in it.

2.2. Furthermore, the author of this website shall not be held responsible for any damage to computers or of any other type that might be caused to users when accessing the content of this website. ALCOHOLES MONTPLET, S.A. does not guarantee the absence of viruses or other malicious elements that could cause damage or alterations to any web user's computer systems, electronic documents or files. Accordingly, ALCOHOLES MONTPLET, S.A. shall not be held liable for any damages that such elements might cause to the user or third parties.

3. Data protection
3.1. For purposes of the stipulations of the Spanish Organic Law on the Protection of Data of a Personal Nature (LOPD), ALCOHOLES MONTPLET, S.A. informs users/clients of the existence of a digital file containing data of a personal nature created by ALCOHOLES MONTPLET, S.A. under its own responsibility and in order to maintain and manage its relations with persons requesting information or clients that have accessed the e-forms on this site or via email messages. The aforesaid file has been registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

3.2. The data that you provide to ALCOHOLES MONTPLET, S.A. is used to manage your request, and provide you with the information and/or services that you request. The use of the aforesaid forms, as well as the sending of email queries, supposes that the sender consents to the automated treatment of the data included in the aforesaid communications. The data will not be transferred to third parties.

3.3. Except in the fields where it is expressly stated otherwise, the provision of the requested information regarding personal data shall be voluntary, and refusal to supply said information shall not imply any reduction in the quantity or quality of the services that are requested. Failure to fill in the fields marked as compulsory or the supply of incorrect data will make it impossible for ALCOHOLES MONTPLET, S.A. to be able to process the request or provide the requested information.

3.4. In relation to the data collected as described in the previous sections, the user may exercise his/her rights as recognised by law and, in particular, may exercise any rights to access, rectify or cancel the data, and also to oppose them, if appropriate, as well as the right to withdraw the consent given for the transfer of this data.

3.5. ALCOHOLES MONTPLET, S.A. shall not employ ‘spamming' tactics, and users shall not be registered merely for visiting our website. ALCOHOLES MONTPLET, S.A. shall only treat the information that the user provides by email, or when seeking information about our products.

3.6. ALCOHOLES MONTPLET, S.A. does not use cookies to access information in relation to visitors to its website. However, it does reserve the right to modify its criteria with regard to the use of cookies.

3.7. ALCOHOLES MONTPLET, S.A. shall store all of the personal data that it has been collected, and shall adopt the necessary measures to avoid any unauthorised alteration, loss, treatment or access. ALCOHOLES MONTPLET, S.A. shall fulfil these duties in accordance with the demands of applicable law, notwithstanding the fact that Internet security measures are not infallible.

3.8. ALCOHOLES MONTPLET, S.A. conducts its business activity in accordance with its obligations to inform, to develop internal control and communication procedures and bodies and other obligations stipulated in applicable regulations on measures to prevent money laundering.

With respect to any other issue in relation to the protection of data of a personal nature, please contact ALCOHOLES MONTPLET, S.A. (Administrative Department) or send an email to:

ALCOHOLES MONTPLET, S.A. Via Trajana, 53 - 59. 08020 Barcelona. +34 93 313 63 62
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