About us

Montplet Group

We are a family business from Barcelona leader in the distribution of ethyl alcohol and the manufacture of disinfectants, pesticides and cosmetics both for the Spanish and European markets.

Since our birth in 1889 we have grown steadily to become, in 2018, Montplet group Group comprised by Alcoholes Montplet and Laboratorios Montplet.

Laboratorios Montplet

At Montplet Laboratories we have always relied on R&D to continue growing and offer first-class products that meet the needs of the market.

Sustainability and the zero-waste philosophy are becoming increasingly important in society and Montplet is aware of this.

We want to contribute as much as possible to the improvement of processes, in all stages of the manufacture and distribution of our products, always thinking about reducing the ecological footprint and caring for and respecting the environment.